Retro Bike (1967)

G.A.C bike restored (stripped and polished).

Vintage accessories:

      -65cc MotoGuzzi deposit holder
      -Focus & LED Dynamo vintage position        
       converted to LEDs
      -Brown leather seat with springs
      -Authentic registration plate: Barcelona, 1949               

YAMAHA MT-01 Black Mamba

1670cc engine muscle bike with two cylinders in "V" (V twin).

Customized in Stage II:

      -Genuine carbon look
      -Akrapovic exhaust manifolds
      -Electronics PowerComander II
      -Rhizome accessories: including brackets, handlebars, 
       controls, etc.

bel&bel MonoWheel

It is a little crazy creation. Inventors have tried since ancient times to develop a single wheel vehicle.

And we had always been struck by the idea of this type of object, more for aesthetic than functional reasons.

MINI-MOTO Monkey-Gorilla

Small motorcycle 110cc 4T. Approved and registered.

Aluminum swing arm and oversized tires to 10 inches. Oil cooling.

Last company fleet acquisition.

Authentic toy for motorcycle enthusiasts.

estudi creatiu bel&bel