At Bel&Bel we like to explore the capacity of certain forgotten objects to return to life. Not without taking into account high doses of dedication and love, the necessary effort and proper treatment. One of the pieces that best defines this creative exercise where the upcycling that we carry out day after day in our factory is hidden: is the UFO Coupe 1500, a refrigerator created from the remains of a SEAT 1500.

We made it in 2012, for the framework of the exhibition “Trash Cars” that took place in the Art Center of Fabra i Coats, in Barcelona and it was part of the “BCN Design Festival”. The exhibition, promoted by TransfoLAB BCN, was organized from October 2nd to the 4th and revolved around the challenge of creating facilities, products or objects from discarded cars and/or their parts.

To make our UFO Coupe 1500 during the three days of this event, we chose a base: discarded remains of the front and rear of a beautiful SEAT 1500 that we rescued from a scrapyard. This model, related to the Fiat 1800/2100 and produced by SEAT in Catalonia under license (from 1963 to 1972), was very popular in the 60s and 70s. Among many reasons and due to its peculiar design, reminiscent of modern American vanguard. Since it had a considerably high price, it can be said that the 1500 was more thought for the upper classes, or for the professionals who could obtain it through tax benefits.

Our UFO Coupe 1500, is a retro-futuristic piece of great visual impact, which in turn is equipped with full functionality, such as refrigerator or bar furniture. In addition to having used the front and rear parts of the car to manufacture the UFO Coupe, we have included a pair of domes that house two different tanks to keep beverages cold. Overall, the piece is reminiscent of “The Jetsons”, the iconic cartoon series whose characters were dubbed “the Flintstones of space”.

A surprising effect to the entire piece, is accentuated thanks to the LEDs incorporated in the headlights and the programmable RGB LEDs located inside the refrigerators. For an even more unusual touch, the UFO Coupe 1500 can be mounted on a hydraulic base that extends its levitation effect.

Currently, this unrepeatable piece is part of our private collection, but we offer the possibility of renting it out for events.


ufo 1500 cooler technical specifications