The Vintage Stool Bar is a perfect example of how retro design does not have to be at odds with functionality. In order to create this stool, at Bel&Bel we were inspired by the original seats of the most iconic classic scooters and fused our philosophy of upcycling or creative recycling, with high-quality materials in the manufacturing process, fleeing from trends, conventions and mass production of pieces without personality.

The result is a unique reinterpretation of a very practical and simple piece whose origin as a stool, which will be able to decorate any space with a touch of originality and character.

We chose the seat of a classic scooter as a key part of the Vintage Stool Bar, because, in addition to being created as a starting point of unity between the rider and his motorcycle, these seats from another era were specially designed to resist unforgiving weather, be safe, comfortable and durable. These characteristics that we have brought back from the past and applied to our present designs.

Our Vintage Stool Bar is completely ergonomic and guarantees maximum comfort, thanks to the saddle with springs of helical steel springs. In addition, they have cushion gas pistons that are adjustable in height and aesthetic details such as the classic chrome rim 8″ on the foot, with cover 3.5-8 also classic drawing. Customers can choose between a black wheel or, the iconic white band wheel options to get an even more retro look.

To complete the set, we also have a beautiful tempered glass round tables that match the Vintage Stool Bar, that also with come with a chrome base and a decorative wheel on the foot, which can be configured with the same finishes as the stools.


Vintage Stool Technical Specifications