The Z-Scooter  is the first self-balanced scooter inspired by the design of Corradino D’Ascanio, an aesthetic design that has endured the pass of time and that we have made become the design of the future.

Z-Scooter is basically a transformation kit. We offer the possibility of purchasing the entire product ( Ninebot + Kit) or only the kit to adapt to your base model NineBot (the integrity of the model and its technical capabilities will not be modified as a result of only purchasing the kit). The end consumer reserves the rights and official warranty provided by the supplier.   NineBot® is the leading company in the sector of electric scooters, which makes the  Z-Scooter the best product in the fields of electronics and mechanics.

Put a smile on your transportation. Be free! We believe that this product will bring electronic self-balancing vehicles to a public that had never even considered them before as a mode of transportation. Hence we bring a breeze of fresh air to a sector that was really in need of it.


Z-Scooter Technical Specifications