At Bel&Bel we’re saddened when certain vehicles become lost to oblivion. We love classic cars, they are part of our history. That’s why we rescue iconic models that had been abandoned to rust in scrap yards and in order to rewrite their history, we create design pieces from some of their parts.

One of the pieces we manufacture, and which best represents our philosophy and our love for cars from another era, is the Car Desk. The first of the desks in this series was made from a SEAT 132, one of the iconic models of the SEAT brand in the 70s, which was manufactured in Martorell (Barcelona), under the license of its parent company FIAT (Italy).

Our evocative Seat Car Desk is an individually-sized desk with minimalist and elegant design. Its main element is the front, created from the original front grill of the Seat 132, and that includes the original headlights. The slightly angled shape of the grill allows it to be placed perfectly under a flat surface. In this case, we used a natural wood plate that offers a warm counterpoint to the chrome finishes typical of the grill, but we can use any type of material, color and finish desired. The aforementioned wooden surface is cut in a very special way, with zigzagging cuts and round edges. The bevel is also milled along the upper perimeter of the table and the lower part (which is rounded out). For the finishes, we chose a crystalline coating of epoxy resin, a material of a greater resistance than traditional wood lacquer.

For the legs of the desk, we have chosen our model called “spider”, made by us and that we implement in other pieces such as the Spider Side Panels. These chromed legs differ from conventional legs by being slightly curved and incorporate a beautiful leveler in the bottom. Due to its characteristics, and in combination with the rest of the desk, they create a very attractive aesthetic.

Per request, our Car desk can be made using the grill from other vehicle models, even from other manufacturers. The dimensions, colors, and finishes are also completely customizable. You can now have at home or in the office a unique piece created from that car that has always meant so much to you.


Car Desk Technical Specifications