The Spider Side Panels are part of our seating range inspired by classic vehicles, such as our Sofa 600 and 600 Low Rider sofa, our Vintage Stool Bar, or our Scooter Chair. In this case, the main element which inspired us to create the Spider Side Panels were the original coffins of several models of classic scooters, whose main purpose is to access the engine on one side, or the spare wheel or battery for the opposite side.

These coffins, are the basic elements of the silhouette, that in our collective memory, evokes these scooter type motorcycles. There are many models of coffins, from the oldest or most classic to the most modern. Thus, the range of possibilities when creating our Spider Side Panels is truly broad that allows: single, double or even three-seater benches.

The result is not only striking decorative retro-style chairs but also very practical pieces, specially designed for offices, waiting rooms, meetings or even reception areas. In short, for spaces that choose to be out of the ordinary.

For the manufacture of any Spider Side Panel, we adjust completely to the needs and tastes of the client, who can design their seat practically from scratch. We carefully restore the chosen coffins and, and using the traditional methods, we incorporate different elements into the piece. For example, headrests from different models of cars, which become the minimum back support of the back in the lower part of the armchair, at the height of the lumbar area.

For the upholstery, we use the classic grooved brand of the house, which as in the rest of the pieces we manufacture, can be customized (material, color, and type of seams used). As for the legs, at Bel&Bel we have chosen an unusual model, in tune with the artistic character of the rest of the piece and with our philosophy that shies away from the mainstream. They are curved legs, which play with the rounded lines presented by the coffins. In addition, the Spider Side Panels can incorporate details such as functional intermittent lights to round out the set.

Each seat is different and has its own personality, but all our Spider Side Panels have in common a nostalgic and romantic flair for all who love classic vehicles.


Spider Side Panels Technical Specifications