The Scooter Chair is one of the pieces that best defines us, as it unites our work philosophy, with our unconditional love for classic vehicles. Its retro design is inspired by the legendary scooter created by Corradino D’Ascanio, which marked a whole generation and that inevitably is already part of our history. 

At Bel & Bel, we work with and for those who, like us, choose to surround themselves with special pieces that have that differentiating and risky character far from the great majority. The Scooter Chair embodies the perfect balance between romanticism and the fluidity of the purest lines of vehicles of the past, and the avant-garde character of an original, current and fully functional work of art. 

Each Scooter Chair is completely handmade. For this, in addition to reusing some of the most characteristic parts of different models of classic scooters previously restored, we use top quality materials for the finishes. We take care of all the smallest details of the chair, so that in addition to being comfortable, it is sturdy. 

To adapt the Scooter Chair to the taste of each client, we offer a wide range of customization possibilities. You can choose not only the color of the exterior structure, but the type and tone of the upholstery – available in natural or synthetic leather -, or the type of base for the chair, which can be fixed, or with wheels. Extra details can be included, such as the elegant chrome-plated armrests matching the staff and the base, logos on the back, fully functional intermittent riders and even an original 8 “wheel and sideband in black or cream, on the base. 

The internal structure of the Scooter Chair is reinforced and the seat is completely ergonomic, thanks to the foam and upholstery used, which is finished with ribbed seams to reinforce the retro character of the set. For greater comfort, the chair has an adjustable height piston with a reclining mechanism, whose lever is a brake pedal. 

 Made by and for design lovers, the Scooter Chair is a work of art of simple and hypnotic beauty, which stirs excitement at first sight. 


Scooter Chair Technical Specifications